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Concept European Medical Science and Technology Innovation Hub The medical and health industry has become a new engine for global economic development and is a typical talent-intensive and knowledge-intensive industry; the demand for innovative cooperation among developing enterprises represented by emerging companies is increasing day by day, strengthening international technological innovation cooperation and actively integrating into the global technological innovation network, Is a key success factor for the continuous improvement of outstanding enterprises' innovation strength.


Portugal is located in the southwest of Europe and is one of the old European countries. It has a unique position in the international economy. Portugal has a unique position facing a broad market, a good investment environment, a stable and friendly political and business environment, high-quality cost-effective talent and labor reserves, high-speed and convenient logistics, etc., which has attracted Volkswagen to the world's largest factory and Google European technology.


Center, Amazon Europe Center and EU Financial Center and many other companies. -Member of the European Union and WTO: The region involves 27 member countries and 500 million people. -Leader of the Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries. The organization involves 9 countries and 230 million people. -The northern gate of Europe on the African continent. The region involves 55 countries and 1.2 billion people. -The closest European country to North America and South America, such as the United States and Canada. -The first European country to establish a "blue partnership" with China, a firm supporter of the Belt and Road Initiative.


The European Medical and Health Science and Technology Innovation Park (Portugal) is located on the outskirts of Coimbra, Portugal. It is planned to cover an area of 100,000 square meters, including the science and technology incubator, science and technology office area, manufacturing area, central logistics area, comprehensive service center and corresponding Supporting facilities, etc.


The first phase includes Zone I of the Science and Technology Park; The second phase includes the European medical and health science and technology incubator, logistics center and science and technology park zone II; The third phase includes the integrated service area and the zone III of the science and technology park. Positioned as an international medical and health innovation achievement service and industrialization base, and an international market expansion production base, it will connect international universities, scientific research institutions and global vision enterprise resources that enter the international market, provide space, supporting facilities and industrial services for the landing of outstanding projects. 

In the future, it will become a high-end medical and health industrial park integrating functions of technology research and development and transformation, international exchange and cooperation, high-end manufacturing, and international integrated services (finance, intellectual property rights, law, and international marketing). Six service platforms including technology financial platform, professional technology platform, human resources platform, information service platform, policy support platform, and public service platform will be built; the goal is to achieve high-end medical product research and development headquarters, new high-end medical product manufacturing, medical The four major industrial functions of product enterprise incubation growth and medical product support services.


Strategic location: Portugal's unique geographical location; the university city of Coimbra is 30 km from the suburbs; close to the National Forest Park and the famous green ecological zone. Rich R&D resources: There are many universities around, including the oldest university in Europe-the University of Coimbra; the new European university-the University of Aveiro; the University of Southern Europe-the University of Lisbon-Lisbon University, etc., as well as a number of cooperation projects with European Union universities, so as to cooperate with Europe The famous schools have established a deep and extensive cooperative relationship.


Government and EU policy support: Get support from local governments, the Portuguese national government, the EU, etc., and obtain different levels of policy participation resources. Portugal is extremely competitive in terms of overall cost, and its market potential signs Europe and Africa. It is an ideal location for Chinese companies to establish "overseas economic and trade cooperation and R&D cooperation" in Europe. It is also an excellent gateway to enter the European and African markets.


Mário de Sousa Henriques

Partners with Protocols

University of Aveiro Logo


University of Aveiro

The University of Aveiro (UA) is a public foundation under private law whose mission is to contribute to and develop graduate and postgraduate education and training, research and cooperation with society.

It was founded in 1973 and paved the way in the creation of teaching offers in several knowledge fields. Today, UA is widely recognized as one of the most innovative universities in Portugal, for the quality of its teaching, its research and for its cooperation with regional and national business.


The UA’s mission is to create, share and apply knowledge, involving the whole community through teaching, research and cooperation with the surrounding environment, in order to make a clear difference for individuals and society.

This is a global project based on:

  • Innovative and lifelong learning, based on critical and independent thinking, which provides high quality education that is accessible to all

  • influential research in creative ventures that provides meaningful, local and global contributions to knowledge

  • cooperation with society

  • internationalization linked to its diverse activities

  • an academic, welcoming and rewarding work environment for students, teachers, researchers and technical, administrative and management personnel



MHS Group

We are an advertising&design agency. We communicate brands, products, objects, among many other things we can imagine. How do we do it? It is a matter of trying us. Unique in the development of integrated projects, we work functions and emotions providing added value to the customer's expectations. Our market approach is innovation-driven.

We develop projects according to their specificities, with a flexible methodology. We have a specialized, multi-disciplinary team to suit each case. We are the right partner to those who believe in P.O.S as a place of credibility and quality. But also the new features from digital and interactivity technology. To those who know that interactivity between brands and consumers are strategic to a future of success and prestige.


To make up this process we work as a Lab, in which our multifunctional team, designers, architects, engineers are developing suitable solutions for each project.

We have office in Lisbon, Penacova, Macau and Curitiba, but we are integrate in a international platform with more 16 countries, where we have representatives.


One of the features of the Architecture department is construction/remodeling. We make each project of construction/remodeling suitable to fit the needs of the most demanding customers, always keeping the standards of excellence in conception and concept. We provide the best and most innovative solutions in the area of construction/remodeling. 

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