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Three business units offering complementary solutions in Marketing, Architecture and R&D. It is the product of a natural evolution with 35 years of experience in brand enhancement and project implementation, which has grown through hard work and dedication.


An unwavering commitment to the long-term relationship we develop with our clients. The importance of dedication and trust translates into tangible and lasting results.


A client-centred approach, guided by creativity and transparency, always looking for ways to exceed expectations with value-added solutions.



Innovation: keeping up to date with new market trends, ideas, methods and technologies.

Courage and initiative: making decisions and knowing how to fight for your convictions is fundamental, always with ethics.

Teamwork: diversity is fundamental to the success of the whole, it drives collaboration between colleagues, partners and clients. 

Social and environmental responsibility: making a positive contribution to society through sustainable products, enabling common long-term objectives to be achieved.

Embalagem Chiclets

First Chiclets packaging in Portugal, created by MHS

Our basic principle is to develop integrated projects, working on emotions and functions, adding value to customer expectations.

Mário Henriques, founder

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