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Journey to the Orient: Se7e Design attracts attention in Duba

As a pioneer of globalisation, Portugal has been crossing continents and cultures since the 15th century. Its heritage reveals a unique capacity to embrace the unknown, to influence and be influenced by other cultures.

|Together with Associative Design, we were present in the

at the Dubai Design District to present our products.

About Associative Design

Created by the Portuguese Wood and Furniture Industry Association (AIMMP), Associative Design - The Best of Portugal, promotes Portuguese brands and products worldwide.

We aim to develop and promote the production of Portuguese products and launch challenges that contribute to innovation in the use of both technology and design. A brand of excellence, Associative Design will support, represent and promote companies that share this vision, taking their products further into exciting new markets.

The regular presence of the Associative Design - The Best of Portugal brand since 2016 at renowned Middle East events such as Dubai Design Week, Downtown Design Dubai, Idf Oman and the Hotel Show Dubai, allow the brand to expand and promote "The Best of Portugal" in surrounding markets in order to capitalise on the investment initiated in the region in 2016.

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