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CompactMOB makes its sustainable products available on the FNAC marketplace

CompactMOB, MHS Group's brand dedicated to sustainable furniture, announces a partnership with FNAC. Its products are now available on FNAC's online marketplace, offering green options to consumers.

CompactMOB is recognised for its environmentally responsible approach, using recyclable and recycled materials. Its furniture is easy to assemble, without hardware or tools, and suitable for various segments: retail, home, children, schools and events. The partnership emphasises the joint commitment to sustainability and makes eco-friendly furniture more accessible to consumers.

The inclusion of CompactMOB products in FNAC's online marketplace is a response to the growing demand for ecologically balanced options in the consumer market in general. Increasingly concerned about sustainability, consumers prefer products that are produced in a responsible way and that minimise environmental impact.

Find us on the Fnac marketplace and see our products. Fnac MarketPlace.

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