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Development towards the Sustainable Circular Economy, an area of 5000 m2 strategically located in the Central Region. We carry out production, assembly, stock management and distribution throughout the country.
When it comes to storage, we have an infrastructure designed to accommodate a wide variety of products, from small items to bulky goods.

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We are able to receive and dispatch goods simultaneously, which considerably increases

operation efficiency. One of the main features

is the presence of dedicated loading and unloading docks in the warehouse. This reduces waiting times and enables a continuous flow of orders, avoiding delays

and ensuring more agile distribution.
With easy and quick access to the main roads

and transport networks, we are able to reach the entire country quickly, ensuring timely delivery of orders. 


FactoryHUB's laboratory facilities are recognized for excellence and innovation, providing high quality processes. The main core is the development of new sustainable materials and composites, driving the creation of innovative solutions for a more sustainable future.

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FactoryHub offers coworking spaces designed to meet the needs of different types of businesses.

With ample workspace, we provide a collaborative and inspiring environment for entrepreneurs

and companies from different sectors work together

and boost the growth of your business.


The FactoryHUB Academy is a fundamental pillar as a training center, we are committed to training young people and adults who have little qualifications or lack of training in specific areas, especially relevant in low-density territories. Through training and development programs, we create qualified professionals, opening doors to employment opportunities

and providing a promising future perspective for

the local population.

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