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O Grupo MHS é constituído por um conjunto de empresas que prestam serviços em vários segmentos de mercado: Publicidade, Design Gráfico, Design Industrial, Web Design, Arquitectura, Logística, Produção e Construção chave-na-mão.

The MHS is composed by a group of companies who provide services in several market segments: Advertising, Graphic, Industrial and Web Design, Architecture, Logistic, Production, Turnkey Construction.


Architecture | Urbanism



Our work involves the practice of architecture in its various aspects: planning, building design, refurbishment of spaces, exhibition stands, advice and monitoring of worksites. In addition to its permanent structure, the Grupo MHS maintains regular partnerships with other technicians, forming multidisciplinary teams suited to each type of project. We also develop, in conjunction with promoters and construction companies, the general coordination of projects, consulting services, consulting, project review and oversight.